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Chapter History

CTWU was founded in the early 1970s when a group of men from the area bonded over their love of trout fishing. They had diverse backgrounds, but they all frequented the fly shop in Poy Sippi and they all saw the importance of preserving the clean, cold water they enjoyed fishing. Numerous conversations on the subject were held – on the river while fishing, at church, in the dentist chair and, of course, Tilly’s Bar on Main Street in Wautoma, a location they would later use for their monthly meetings. 

 A plan was formulated to become a formal organization. Russell H. Younglove, a local attorney, was to draft the required documents needed to present to the state Trout Unlimited council for approval. They would need to have an organizational meeting, elect officers and establish a mission statement and by-laws. For their first official meeting, they invited Doug Hart as the keynote speaker. This charismatic Green Bay Packer player was also president of the Green Bay TU chapter and served on the state council. The draw for him would be a win-win for the budding organization. 

 Six men attended the organizational meeting on Feb. 23, 1971. They included Arling Erickson (the owner of the Poy Sippi fly shop), Robert Heding, Alfred Polakowski, David J. Wirth, Harry C. Schissler and Younglove. 

 The men elected Dr. Tom Poullette as president, Erickson as vice president, Schissler as secretary and Wirth as treasurer. Other important figures included Jon Wilcox, Ray Piehl, Allen Hasselquist and Hart. 

 Together, these men were considered the founders of CWTU.

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