Officers and Board Members

Our chapter’s organization consists of five officers, three board members who serve 3-year terms, and a varying number of at-large board members which may include corporate counsel. Generally, committee chairs are on the board to insure full and effective communication. Any member may attend any monthly board meeting and all are encouraged to do so since we are a volunteer group. Our board meets in advance of programs, so come early to listen or participate.

The board meeting is held at 6:30 p.m. on the second Wednesday of every month, September through May. A fishing and/or conservation-related program follows at 7:30 p.m. The public is welcome to attend. All meetings are held at the Fin ‘N’ Feather, Winneconne. Follow CWTU on Facebook or visit this site for more information.

Role                                       Member                                 Term Ending

President                                      Linn Beck                                        March 2025

Vice-President                             Shawn Sullivan                              March 2025

Treasurer                                      Joe Piekert                                      March 2025       

Secretary                                      Laura Tucker                                   March 2025

Past President                             Wayne Parmley                              March 2025

Board (12 members)

Board Member                            Bob Jozwowski                               March 2024

Board Member                            Mike Northam                                  March 2024

Board Member                            Chad Tucker                                    March 2024

Board Member                            Bob Rennock                                   March 2024

Board Member                            John Tucker                                      March 2025

Board Member                            Jim Danhauer                                  March 2025

Board Member                            OPEN                                                March 2025

Board Member                            Bob Haase                                        March 2025

Board Member                            John Gremmer                                 March 2026

Board Member                            Wayne Gumz                                    March 2026

Board Member                            Steve Heuser                                    March 2026

Board Member                            Tom Meyer                                        March 2026

Other Programs and Activities:
TroutFest – Wayne Parmley, Ira Giese, Tom Meyer, Bob Haase, Jeff Treu & Others
Banquet Committee – Chair – (2023 Team: Tom M., Wayne P., Joe P., Bob H., Linn Beck, Mary Roth, Bob J., Stan C. & Chad T.)
Dan Harmon III Fly Fishing School – Chair – Jeff Treu (Joe Peikert covering registration) (John Gremmer assists)
Education/Presentation Programs – March 2023 – OPEN
River Keepers – Coordinator – Bob Jozwowski
Work Day – Chair – Chad Tucker
Work Day Supporters – Laura Tucker, Dan Harmon III, John Tucker, Ira Giese, Chris Northway, Tom Meyer & Others
Service Partnership Program – OPEN
Communication, Social Media & Website – Wayne Parmley & Steve Heuser (web)
Brookie – Wayne Parmley
Membership – March 2023 – John Gremmer, Mary Roth
Grants – March 2023 – OPEN
Awards & Scholarship Program – Dan Harmon III
Trout in the Classroom – Wayne Parmley
Fly Tying Programs – Closed for now (Bob Haase is considering a day tying event in the future)

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