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New water monitors training on the Waupaca River

New water monitors training on the Waupaca River


Central Wisconsin Trout Unlimited has been actively involved in stream monitoring since 2004. We are working in partnership with the WDNR and UW Extension’s Water Action Volunteers program. Currently, we are monitoring 35 steam sites with 30 teams and 95 volunteers in the Central Sands Region of the DNR.  State wide there are 40 groups like us monitoring 462 streams in 54 counties. The objective of the state WAV program and CWTU River Keepers is to provide a benchmark of data on the health of selected streams in central Wisconsin.  The goal is to establish teams of monitors, train them on measurement techniques, and provide them with the tools needed to gather the required data.  Each team is assigned a monitoring location site and a team leader who sets the team’s monthly monitoring schedule and enters the collected data into the DNR’s SWIMS website database.  We try to match volunteers with a stream location in their vicinity or perhaps a favorite fishing spot.


So what does a River Keeper stream monitor do?  We record water temperature, stream turbidity (water clarity), the flow rate, dissolved oxygen in the water, the type of macroinvertebrates (bugs) in the stream, and habitat quality. This data is posted on the Water Action Volunteers website called SWIMs which is used extensively by DNR stream biologists and is also available for public use. The experience in fun and rewarding.  Volunteers usually work in 2-5 person teams, and spend about one hour per month, May through October, collecting data.  Anyone who is interested in the environment, science, and learning more about our local streams and water quality would make a good River Keeper stream monitor.

To find out more about WAV stream monitoring, visit their website at:  To sign up to become a CWTU River Keeper and to attend a training session contact Bob Jozwowski (920-765-1887) or E-mail at

CWTU Stream Monitoring Teams

Pine River (3 sites)     West Branch White River (3 sites)

Upper Tomorrow River    Hartman Creek      Emmons Creek

Bird Creek (2 sites)          Lunch Creek         Fordham Creek

Mecan River        Soules Creek (2 sites)       Kill Snake River

Tagatz Creek         Caves Creek       S Branch Wedde Creek

Carpenter Creek     Sucker Creek     Stoney Brook

S Branch Little Wolf River   Taycheedah Creek    Bruce Creek

Twin Creek in Marinette    Lawrence Creek     Apple Creek

Humphrey Creek      Upper Pine River      Radley Creek

S Branch Manitowoc River    Willow Creek (2 sites)

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